Unparalleled Data Access and Transparency

Health plans are increasingly choosing to invest in analytics internally, but lack of data transparency and data quality issues continue to present significant challenges. Risk adjustment data scientists and analysts struggle to deliver critical business insights in a timely manner—until now.

The Pareto Hub is a centralized, enriched data environment that collects, processes, and stores risk adjustment data and offers users unparalleled access to enriched analytics and insights. The Pareto Hub demystifies risk adjustment data for health plan professionals to help improve value-based outcomes.


Is my risk score on track?
Where are the best places to focus my efforts and investments in gap closure activities?
What is an attainable and accurate risk score for my population?
What is my compliance risk and how do I mitigate it?

Get More Out of Your Data

GAIN ULTIMATE TRANSPARENCY. Pareto is the anti-black box partner. We provide complete transparency into our algorithms, analytics, and methodologies to help health plans make more informed decisions that improve their broader revenue goals.

INCREASE SPEED TO INSIGHT.  The Pareto Hub accelerates data processing, analysis, and access down to a matter of days—not weeks. The Hub’s expert data architecture makes analysis quicker, giving business leaders access to more timely insights.

EMPOWER YOUR ANALYSTS. The Hub helps plans empower their internal teams by offering on-demand access to meaningful data in easy-to-understand business terms that lead to tangible insights. Gain complete access to Pareto’s insights and integrate your own BI tools to build custom algorithms, analytics, or queries.

Data On Demand

  • Simulate multi-model scoring using different versions of the RAPS and EDS models and identify impacts on RAF over the 25 month cycle
  • Rapidly analyze contributions to RAF across all campaigns and activities to identify actionable areas of improvement
  • Robust query library for actionable answers to pressing questions
  • Objectively measure risk adjustment program performance to inform long-term strategy

  • Actionable insights into provider and point-of-care performance
  • Predictive risk mitigation algorithms to reduce RADV and audit exposure
  • Improve end-to-end encounter data quality and submissions to CMS, HHS, or State
  • Accurate financial forecasting and accruals
  • Solution + service model designed to proactively anticipate and answer tomorrow’s business questions

The Pareto Difference


Unparalleled Access

Cloud-based, on-demand service model offers enhanced data integration and governance


Dynamic Visualization

Advanced reporting and dashboards providing immediate and actionable insights


Advisory Support

Market-leading business experts who partner with you to improve strategy and performance

A Powerful Foundation


Our Data Management Platform

Pareto’s Data Management Platform, the foundation to our solutions, is built around data lake, artificial intelligence, and open source big data technologies to allow us to effectively ingest data in all formats and types at scale, organize them with appropriate data governance mechanisms within our data catalog, and provide efficient configuration capabilities to democratize data access and analytics.


See it and Believe it

Our demos say it all. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll show you how we can help you overcome them.

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