How do you ensure compliant and complete revenue in regulated markets?

Pareto Intelligence’s Revenue & Payment Integrity solution suite applies complex analytic models, which are consistently re-trained and refined by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to identify financial improvement opportunities across all markets. Our solutions are complimented by our market-leading advisory team who partner with each client to shape strategies and drive continually improving outcomes.

Demystify your data with the Pareto Hub, a centralized, enriched data environment that collects, processes, and stores MA Risk Adjustment data and offers users unparalleled access to enriched analytics and insights through a ready-to-analyze data environment.

Revenue & Payment Integrity Solutions

Risk Integrity

Complete risk documentation is critical for financial success in any risk adjusted market. Pareto’s Risk Integrity solution applies market-specific suspecting algorithms to identify and prioritize undocumented risk gaps for remediation through prospective and retrospective campaigns. Our suspecting models also leverage social determinants of health data to improve predictability, identify instances of natural gap closure, and generate more effective and targeted chart chase lists.

This solution evaluates in both directions, including both undocumented and potentially mis-documented risk, to achieve complete and compliant risk scores. We also objectively evaluate performance across program and campaign effectiveness as well as the performance of providers, conditions, and members to inform ongoing strategy and improve outcomes.

A major key to achieving long-term risk integrity is ongoing provider education. Developed by GHG Advisors and backed by Pareto analytics, the Provider Learning Center reinforces the behavioral changes needed to improve the completeness, accuracy, and compliance of diagnosis risk capture at the point of care.

Data Integrity

From encounter through to regulatory submission, both health plans and providers are responsible for preventing data degradation. Pareto’s Data Integrity solution evaluates this encounter submission process to pinpoint the data quality issues impacting revenue and compliance. Our solution works by applying advanced analytic models and root cause clustering algorithms to identify where data quality issues occur and prioritize remediation based on materiality.

Pareto’s process is built to recover lost data, improve processes by reducing errors, and identify instances of incorrectly captured and submitted encounter information that pose a compliance risk. This holistic and independent approach to Data Integrity helps clients achieve complete and accurate encounter submissions.

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Premium Integrity

The completeness of capitated premiums that plans receive for Medicare Advantage (MA) members depends on the accuracy of CMS’ information. Pareto’s Premium Integrity solution helps navigate the reporting and remediation complexities to recover underpaid capitation payments and mitigate compliance risk.

Our solution recovers lost revenue retrospectively, resolves issues that continually plague plans, and proactively monitors premium accuracy by focusing on the various adjustment reasons that impact premiums (e.g., Medicare Secondary Payer [MSP] status, Dual Eligibility and End Stage Renal Disease [ESRD] determinations).

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Payment Integrity

Ensuring ongoing claims payment accuracy through effective coordination with Medicare benefits is a complex process. Pareto’s Payment Integrity solution modernizes the collection of critical Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) information from employer groups, streamlines Section 111 reporting, and uncovers inaccurately paid claims for remediation.

This solution maximizes recovery of overpaid claims, uncovers underpaid claims that present compliance risk, and reduces future mistaken payments by addressing the root cause of these issues. Our services include electronically collecting employer information, Section 111 mandatory insurer reporting, and coordination of benefits (COB).

Value-Based Reimbursement

Traditional revenue cycle management activities focused solely on billing and collections are no longer sufficient in delegated risk models. Pareto’s Value-Based Reimbursement solution enables providers in risk-bearing contracts to review, analyze, oversee, and improve key processes that impact performance—particularly those owned by payer partners—to ensure accurate capitation payments from private payers, CMS and/or state governments.

Our solution enables access to critical datasets containing insights into submissions and reporting integrity, then applies robust analytics to uncover financial improvement opportunities for providers operating in risk-based models. Our holistic approach to revenue accuracy creates a new perspective on revenue cycle management and ensures that all parties are fulfilling their operational requirements contributing to complete and accurate provider revenue capture.

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