The heart of Pareto is our data management platform

Our purpose-built data management platform seamlessly collects, aggregates and organizes healthcare data to deliver analytics and technology solutions that help clients optimize revenue, lower costs, improve quality of care, and ultimately, achieve better outcomes. We're focused on understanding the impact of all data sources, including social determinants of health, while also employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to refine our algorithms and improve predictability of our analytics as new data is ingested and processed.

Built for the Future

Data Agnostic

Pareto can rapidly ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from claims, clinical and social determinants of health data sources in real time, near real time, and batch ingestion.

Adaptive Technologies

Our platform relies on a highly adaptive technology stack based on the convergence of complementary, industry-leading technologies—Spark, Kubernetes, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka (SKACK).

Advanced Applications

The outputs of our platform feed real-time applications, and we utilize machine learning to refine processes with experience and apply artificial intelligence to achieve speed and scale.

Powered by Proprietary Data Science

Leveraging Diverse Experience

Our data science team is built on a foundation of experience in every part of the healthcare continuum (e.g., payor, provider, patient) as well as experience in other industries (e.g., consumer insights, retail analytics, sports analytics, physical sciences). This foundation fosters a well-rounded and innovative approach to developing analytical solutions.

Inclusive of Various Data Sources

Our models incorporate data from a seemingly endless variety of sources, including purchased third-party and publicly available data, to provide the deepest insights from unique perspectives. We also leverage social determinants of health (SDOH) on all models to improve predictability of our algorithms and determine if any SDOH factors impact the analytical outcome.

Industry Leading Technical Expertise

We utilize and maintain expertise across virtually all statistical modeling tools relevant in the industry including Python, R, and SAS. We are committed to efficiently and expertly using the tools most appropriate for the modeling task at hand.
Patented Technology

Pareto’s Data Management Platform contains patented technology related to the systems and methods for providing insurer risk data. We also utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve our models and identify critical insights through our platform.

250+ million encounters analyzed

Across our numerous solutions, Pareto has analyzed more than 250 million encounters, demonstrating our robust experience and our ability to handle large amounts of data efficiently and effectively.

14+ terabytes of health information processed

The Pareto platform is built to ingest data at scale and organize data effectively, with a core focus on how to make sense of a constantly expanding volume, velocity, and variety of data. With 14TB of data processed to-date, and more coming in every day, we are able to refine and update our solutions through machine learning based on new information collected.

$2.5 billion in financial opportunity

By enabling the delivery of our analytical solutions, the Pareto platform has effectively identified over $2.5 billion in financial improvement opportunity for our 40+ clients.

Applying Responsible Analytics

In an age where the predictive analytics philosophy seems to be “more is better,” we say “not so fast.” Because the experience of our teams cast a wide net, and our understanding of the healthcare space runs deep, we have learned the importance of intention and precision when developing analytics in this industry. Simply put, we have found that more is not always better.

We are committed to continuous and speedy innovations by tapping into unexpected data sources and utilizing creative modeling techniques, but we make sure to take a measured and responsible approach to putting these innovations into practice. “Responsible Analytics” is the idea that the predictive algorithms with the greatest return for our clients are those that are thought through, carefully crafted, and appropriately applied.

See it and Believe it

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