Clinical Data Management and Activation Strategy

To gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of their members, healthcare organizations must integrate claims, clinical, and social determinants of health data into a single source of truth on an individual. Pareto offers a suite of healthcare data integration capabilities that provide a fully extensible 360-degree member insight model that is geared for use in downstream analytics.

Our Healthcare Data Integration solution allows organizations to ingest, normalize, and activate sources of clinical data at scale to enable advanced analytics and applications.


Ingestion and cataloging of all healthcare data sources


Creating semantic interoperability by layering a unified healthcare vocabulary on all ingested data elements


Delivering the longitudinal view of a member, including claims, clinical, and social determinants of health


Relies on a robust agile product management and engineering process to constantly evolve our products based on changing client and market needs

Built by Healthcare Experts, For Healthcare Experts

Through our experience building numerous analytical solutions, we’ve realized that extracting value from clinical data assets is no easy task. We believe that this requires deep technical expertise and customization that no “out-of-the-box” solution can provide. As such, we work with our clients to implement the right solution for them, working as partners not a vendor. We consistently keep the end business and analytical goals of an organization in mind, beyond the technical specs, to ensure a solution with long-lasting value.

We’ve built our Healthcare Data Integration solution based on next-generation “big data” architecture and artificial intelligence technologies with unparalleled security. Because we rely on this infrastructure to power our analytics day-in and day-out, our teams are dedicated to evolving the solution to be more efficient, effective, and innovative on an ongoing basis.

Innovative Capabilities

  • Employs managed ingestion, bringing in data that is streamed in real time, near real time, or uploaded in batch
  • Transforms all ingested files to conform to a common data model, allowing for the creation of a unified health record view
  • Supports any number of analytical and reporting use cases, including quality-related reporting for HEDIS®/Stars
  • Applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to analyze text-based language, such as the information found in clinical notes on a patient chart in the EHR

Why Pareto?



Our solution is built for healthcare and tailor-made for healthcare analytics applications.


Secure and Compliant

Our organization has achieved HITRUST certified status, validating our commitment to compliant practices.


Not a “Black Box”

We offer the ability to deploy open source code that can be owned and customized for your own internal use.

A Powerful Foundation


Our Data Management Platform

Pareto’s Data Management Platform, the foundation to our solutions, is built around data lake, artificial intelligence, and open source big data technologies to allow us to effectively ingest data in all formats and types at scale, organize them with appropriate data governance mechanisms within our data catalog, and provide efficient configuration capabilities to democratize data access and analytics.


See it and Believe it

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