Pareto Intelligence Introduces Direct-to-EHR Messaging Solution for Enhanced Payer-Provider Communication

Pareto Engage modernizes the way health plans and providers communicate by delivering critical member insights directly into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and supporting bi-directional communication.

CHICAGO, Ill., October 2018—Pareto Intelligence, a leading technology and analytics solutions provider for the healthcare industry, has launched a new solution as part of its Revenue Integrity suite. Pareto Engage delivers timely electronic messages to targeted providers within their EHR system and current workflows, maximizing patient visits that occur naturally or are facilitated by the health plan. This solution can be applied to all markets, including Medicare Advantage (MA), Commercial and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Medicaid populations.

Advanced Analytic Platform

Each member insight sent by Pareto Engage is generated by Pareto's advanced analytic platform and includes important information to support risk, clinical and quality improvement initiatives. Typically, the insights align with one of the following message types:

  1. Facilitated encounter messaging driving action by providers to engage targeted members with risk or clinical condition gaps requiring evaluation
  2. Clinical evaluation and risk documentation gap messaging providing timely member-specific condition information to providers to improve the evaluation and risk documentation of chronic conditions
  3. Clinical quality gap messaging supplying providers with the quality gaps requiring closure for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and MA Stars

"Current activities deployed to exchange critical member information with providers—including paper mailings, custom web portals, and outreach calls—are generally expensive, administratively burdensome, and have achieved limited success," said Jason Montrie, President of Pareto Intelligence. "Our revolutionary solution supports direct-to-EHR message delivery and response without any workflow deviations for providers, therefore driving toward better outcomes."

30% Increase in Member Engagement

Preliminary market response to the Engage solution has been overwhelmingly positive. In just six months, one health plan client that implemented Pareto Engage has seen a 30% increase in member engagement due to provider-led outreach and a 15% improvement in condition evaluation and documentation. In addition to improving care outcomes for members with chronic conditions, the health plan has achieved a $2.7 million increase in incremental risk adjustment revenue.

With connectivity to over 350 EHRs and 70% of practicing physicians, many health plans are evaluating Pareto Engage as their primary means of communicating clinical, risk and quality information with providers.

"It makes it much easier for us and we are able to assign the attachment as a task for the next time a member visits," said one Pareto Engage user, an Office Manager at a Primary Care Physician's office. "The office would much prefer the emails over mailings as the messages can be directly attached and assigned in the member's medical record."

For interested health plans, set up and implementation of Pareto Engage requires little to no effort from the health plan or provider. Schedule a demo by contacting us at

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